Upper Intermediate Level >> Conversation Materials/Surveys/Pairwork Activities >> To practice "it's time" expressions which use the past verb form. A very communicative, interactive "walkabout" activity.

It's Time We Went Home

Upper Intermediate

Cut up these cards and distribute them among the students. If students have some cards the same, it doesn't really matter. Each student is presented with a problem to which they must suggest a solution using "it's time + SUBJECT".


Our dog is looking really sick recently. -->It's time you took him to a vet for a check up.

There are also some examples which are designed to attract criticism. In these examples, you can elicit the stronger "it's high time" or "it's about time".


I haven't been out with my friend for nearly three weeks - I prefer to watch TV. -->It's high time you were more sociable and got out more.

Our television doesn't work very well. I am getting a little overweight.
I have had toothache all week. I haven't heard off my best friend in over a week.
These jeans have got holes in the knees. It's 2am and I am feeling tired.
It's 7.50pm and I have to meet my friend at 8! It's nearly 10am and I haven't eaten yet.
I've never used the internet before! I think I am the best student in this class.
I really like it when people buy drinks for me. I think this teacher should pay more attention to me.
I have an English dictionary published in 1962. I love my Pentium I computer with Windows 93.
The world is a terrible place. How depressing!! I don't want to pay taxes. Everyone else can pay!
I hate this hairstyle. It's so boring. I lent Richard $50 a month ago. I think he has forgotten.

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