Upper Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> Reviews all forms of conditionals as well as sentences using 'when', 'as soon as' and 'unless'.

Error Correction - Conditionals

Upper Intermediate

1. If he didn't know what to do, he would have asked us. OK.

2. Unless she comes soon, we'll be late for the first performance. OK.

3. He'll phone you as soon as he will get home. Don't worry. No, '...as soon as he gets home.'

4. If Andorra were a bigger country, it won't be so famous. No, '...it wouldn't be so....'

5. If I hadn't gone to that interview, I wouldn't have got the job. OK.

6. We'll start cooking when we get home. OK.

7. When she will go to university next year, we will have the house to ourselves. No, 'when she goes to...'

8. If she hadn't gone to university in Paris, she wouldn't be able to speak French so well. OK.

9. When you go to Dallas in August, you get hot weather. OK. Zero Conditional.

10. Tell him to go to his room as soon as he gets in. OK.

11. Go quickly if you want to buy that last pair of shoes. OK.

12. I'd love to be able to swim if I'm not afraid of the water. No, '...if I wasn't afraid...'

13. If you ring the emergency services, help arrives quickly. OK. Zero Conditional.

14. I'll wait to tell him the news when I'll see him. No, '...when I see him.'

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