Upper Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students select from a list of adverbs or adverbial phrases to complete sentences containing verbs. Collocation is the natural positioning of certain words together.

Collocations - Verbs

Upper Intermediate

Choose the best adverb or adverbial phrase from the table below to go with the verbs and complete the sentences.


1. People who over-expose themselves to strong sunlight are known to show signs of ageing __PREMATURELY__.

2. It was a deep cut to the leg and the poor animal began to bleed __HEAVILY__.

3. The revolution began when a small group of students __OPENLY__ defied police orders to return to their homes after a football match.

4. Three men hovering __MENACINGLY__ near the bank in a mini-van alerted the police to the planned robbery.

5. I wasn't sure if Maggie agreed with what I was saying but then she began nodding head __APPROVINGLY__, so I continued with what I was saying.

6. The government has raised the price of cigarettes __SHARPLY__ in an attempt to reduce smoking.

7. We have had to __STERNLY__ rebuke your son, Mrs. Wilson. His behaviour on the school trip yesterday was nothing short of disgraceful.

8. The political views of the British Labour Party __NOTICEABLY__ shifted in the first part of the 1990s.

9. Please sit __UPRIGHT__ Jane. You look so awful when you slouch in your chair!

10. I didn't even understand the question the professor had asked me and I ended up just staring __BLANKLY__ at her. It was so humiliating.

11. Ooh, buy this skirt Karen. It suits you __PERFECTLY__!

12. He __BARELY__ understood the main points of the plan and we had to go over them three times. I don't know how he ever became the head of this section!

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