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Upper Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students choose adverbs to go with different verbs to form natural sounding sentences. Choosing the correct words to go together is an important area of vocabulary for your students.

Collocations - Verbs

Choose the best adverb or adverbial phrase from the table below to go with the verbs and complete the sentences.


1. If you really want to give me a hand with my homework, I will _________ accept your help.

2. After explaining, point by point, the advantages of my plan over his, he _________ acknowledged that his was inferior.

3. Foreign debt is a problem which causes some countries to have to _________ cut domestic spending.

4. Coming home from a long day's work, Harold ate a large dinner _________, had a long bath and went to bed.

5. Make sure you fix that picture to the wall _________. It would be terrible if it fell and broke.

6. I didn't understand everything the manager was saying but I think he was _________ implying that there will be a pay cut next year.

7. Martin felt very embarrassed about the story and tried to move _________ onto another subject.

8. I know you will _________ mock me when I tell you this, but I thought that film was wonderful! I don't know why you all hated it so much.

9. Relations between the two leaders deteriorated to such an extent that the trade conference planned for August was postponed _________.

10. If we want to be able to afford that cruise on the Nile, we will have to save _________ between now and the end of the year.

11. It must be so hard for Anne not to have a job at the moment, but I wish she wouldn't spend her time so _________ sitting around the house.

12. It is so important that we get on well from the start if we are sharing the same room, so don't worry about talking _________ about any problems you may have. Premium

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