Upper Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students choose adverbs to go with different verbs to form natural sounding sentences. Choosing the correct words to go together is an important area of vocabulary for your students.

Collocations - Verbs

Upper Intermediate

Choose the best adverb or adverbial phrase from the table below to go with the verbs and complete the sentences.

by heart

1. He was so happy at the news that he was __SCARCELY__ able to contain his excitement.

2. Pressure is growing on the government to __STRICTLY__ control wage demands to help control inflation.

3. The most wonderful aspect of his latest novel is how he __VIVIDLY__ depicts what life must have been like back in the Middle Ages for the ordinary person.

4. She went home on her own accord. I may have __GENTLY__ encouraged her, but there was certainly no obligation.

5. Scientists are now using the latest technology to __ACCURATELY__ gauge volcanic activity on the bottom of the sea.

6. This is a long list of names, but you need to learn them __BY HEART__ before the weekend.

7. Judge Perkins became furious when the defence lawyer __REPEATEDLY__ tried to __DELIBERATELY__ mislead the witness.

8. We will have to prepare this round-the-world trip __METICULOUSLY__ if we are not to fail!

9. As the two parties set out their grievances, Margaret sat taking notes, recording __VERBATIM__ what every person said.

10. Even though both sets of lawyers were pressing for a trial, the neighbours decided to settle the case __AMICABLY__ out of court.

11. Seeing as Carol is my only child, I see no problems in spending __LAVISHLY__ on her wedding. It has to be the most perfect day in her life!

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