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Upper Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Vocabulary worksheet which concentrates on collocation, or which word goes with which word. A good knowledge of collocation will help students combine the words they already know and give richness to their language.

Collocations - Nouns

Choose the best verb or adjective from the table below to go with the nouns and complete the sentences.

calling for
resulted in

1. Many people have recently been __CALLING FOR__ the abolition of circuses as they are seen as cruel to animals.

2. The management and the workers __STRUCK__ a bargain which led to the strike ending peacefully.

3. Both armies suffered __HEAVY__ casualties in the battle and the result was indecisive.

4. There is __GRAVE__ danger that the __DELICATE__ situation may degenerate into war.

5. The __BOOMING__ economy in Singapore is the result of low interest rates and taxation.

6 Poor planning at the initial stages of the project __RESULTED IN__ failure.

7. I'm not sure what color his jacket was as I only __CAUGHT__ a glimpse of him.

8. He has no idea what he wants to do for a job but seems satisfied living in __BLISSFUL__ ignorance.

9. He would lie to his own mother. He is a __BORN__ liar.

10. The secret to a __LASTING__ marriage is honesty on both sides.

11. The TV stations __BROKE__ the news of the president's death at around 9pm.

12. After the riots, military police were brought into the area to __RESTORE__ order.

13. The photographer was miles from the yacht and the light was poor and that is why it is such a __GRAINY__ photo. Premium

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