Upper Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Choosing adjectives and verbs that sound natural with particular nouns. This is what collocation is all about - what words go together best.

Collocations - Nouns

Upper Intermediate

Choose the best verb or adjective from the table below to go with the nouns and complete the sentences.

broken in
ushered in

1. Police have __ISSUED__ an appeal for anyone who saw a blue Mercedes in the area at about 10pm to contact them.

2. Scientists have announced a __MAJOR__ breakthrough in the search for a cure for AIDS.

3. The murderer escaped without conviction because the police had __OVERLOOKED__ a very important clue in the house where the murder took place.

4. The start of rock and roll music at the end of the 1950s __USHERED IN__ a new era, both musically and socially.

5. Wild horses have to be __BROKEN IN__ before they can be used for horse-riding.

6. Is this accident __COVERED__ by the insurance that you have?

7. If you purposely evade taxes, you will be __BREAKING__ the law and you could be charged with tax evasion.

8. The Swiss diplomat was invited to the meeting so that he could act as an __IMPARTIAL__ observer.

9. Graham was stopped by the police who thought he was drunk, but only a __NEGLIGIBLE__ quantity of alcohol was found in his blood and they allowed him to go.

10. Rumours __SPREAD__ very fast in an office environment.

11. The former Prime Minister is such an __ELOQUENT__ speaker that she is often paid large amounts of money to address conferences.

12. We did a __LIGHTNING__ tour of Europe. Seven countries in five days. Now, I am exhausted!

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