Upper Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students select verbs and adjectives to go together with nouns. This type of collocation exercise is important for your students' vocabulary development.

Collocations - Nouns

Upper Intermediate

Choose the best verb or adjective from the table below to go with the nouns and complete the sentences.

burned out
broke out

1. I got a letter off a __SECRET__ admirer! I have no idea who it is, but I would like to!

2. This decision will be by __OPEN__ ballot. Everyone will know how everyone else voted.

3. I think we should __ABANDON__ caution and get married straight away!

4. The Ebola epidemic __BROKE OUT__ in parts of Africa.

5. I had to __OVERCOME__ a lot of hardships before the company finally succeeded.

6. Why did John say he was seeing Julie this evening? That was a __BLATANT__ lie - I have just seen Julie out with her mother.

7. The lawnmower motor has __BURNED OUT__. I guess the grass was just too long!

8. Two new prisons are being built in the south of the area to __ALLEVIATE__ overcrowding at the existing ones.

9. I have asked you three times where you were yesterday evening. Are you __DUCKING__ the question?

10. Because this is a private party and we all know each other, I think we should __WAIVE__ the rule about having to smoke outside. What does everyone else think?

11. I want absolute silence during this exam. Nobody __UTTER__ a single sound!

12. The famous singer moved to an island in Africa to __EVADE__ taxes.

13. You said you would invest in the company and I think you should __HONOUR__ that undertaking.

14. The Prime Minister was in the capital today, __CANVASSING__ for votes in the upcoming election.

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