Upper Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students get vocabulary practice with idioms related to parts of the body and also their definitions.

Body Idioms

Upper Intermediate

Fill in the spaces in the sentences with one of the idioms on the left side of the table and then try and find the correct definition on the right side.

Chip on the shoulder Be in the mood for a tough argument, encounter.
Get it off your chest Be involved with many projects simultaneously.
Have the stomach for a fight Be sensible, wise, reasonable.
Have your finger in many pies. Disaster, catastrophe
Have your head in the clouds Have a superior attitude towards others.
Have your head screwed on (straight) Lead/advantage
Head over heels in love Listen out for news about something
Pig's ear Try and stay happy and think positively
Head start Negative attitude towards something for no reason
Keep your chin up Not to concentrate, dream about something else.
Keep your ear to the ground Something said only to be polite and keep someone happy.
Lip service Talk to someone to about problem you have
Look down your nose at someone Totally in love with someone

1. Even if he gave you a ___________________, he would still win. He's very fast!!

2. You have made a total ___________________ of that cake! We will have to start all over again!!

3. If you are so worried and stressed about this problem, you should go and speak to your boss and ___________________.

4. Look, I know it's been a terrible day, but try and ___________________. Your holidays start next week.

5. ___________________ and tell me if you find out something before I do.

6. He has always been considered a very wise, sensible person. He definitely ___________________.

7. I think she is totally besotted with him. She thinks about him all day and seems to be ___________________.

8. First he started that company that makes sofas. Then he began selling computer software and now he has started his own website. He has always ___________________.

9. I think the problem with Maggie is that she ___________________ and thinks she is better than anyone else. All because her father has so much money.

10. It's not that he doesn't like you Mike. He hates anyone who went to university. He has a real ___________________ about it!!

11. The manager acted very tough at the beginning of the dispute but, in the end, didn't ___________________ once the workers called a strike.

12. He is not stupid. His problem is that his concentration is terrible and he spends most of the day thinking about his crazy travel dreams. He ___________________.

13. I heard everything he said but it was all just ___________________. He didn't mean a word of it and he doesn't care at all about this problem.

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