Upper Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students get vocabulary practice with idioms related to animals and also their definitions.

Animal Idioms

Upper Intermediate

Fill in the spaces in the sentences with one of the idioms on the left side of the table and then try and find the correct definition on the right side.

Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Someone who is too accustomed to old habits won't want to change.
Like a fish out of water. False tears to give impression of sadness
You can't teach an old dog new tricks Someone in a bad mood
Dog tired Have an exciting, interesting time. Enjoy oneself enormously
Bear with a sore paw Tell a person in authority about the bad behaviour of another person
Have a whale of a time Period of time without something you are addicted to
Crocodile tears Don't presume anything until it is certain
A bee in your bonnet Husband who is nagged at by his wife
A fly in the ointment Someone in a strange situation they are not used to
Cold turkey Extremely tired.
To rat on somebody One big problem in an otherwise faultless plan
Hen pecked Be angry, resentful about a certain issue

1. I don't want him crying ____________ for me. I know he couldn't care less about me failing that exam.

2. I have been working on my thesis for 3 days without sleeping. I feel ____________.

3. Some people say the best way to beat a drug addiction is to have a week of ____________.

4. When we went to Disneyland, we had ____________. We went on all the rides, met Mickey Mouse and bought loads of souvenirs too.

5. Stay away from Don today. He's like ____________. I don't know what could've happened.

6. Our new secretary is ____________. She worked in a supermarket for ten years before and I say ____________.

7. Don't mention you went to Harvard to Jim. He has got a real ____________ about that place!

8. You have only been for one job interview and you are already planning how to spend your first salary!! You shouldn't ____________.

9. Everything is planned for the vacation. The visas arrived yesterday and we have booked a great hotel by the beach. The only ____________ is that there is a hurricane on its way to the island!

10. I didn't think anyone had seen me copy the test but William ____________ to Professor Sykes and I got expelled.

11. That poor Mr. Dyson looks totally ____________ by that dragon of a wife he has. She never stops complaining about every little thing he does.

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