Upper Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Choose the correct prefix for each word to complete this gap fill worksheet.

Prefix Worksheet

Upper Intermediate

over   non-   mis   anti-   ex-   pre-   under   pro-   multi

1. The ____lingual staff at this school will make you feel very welcome.
2. He has been charged with ____use of company funds.
3. ____government forces have won the latest battle and the Prime Minister seems safe for the time being.
4. This was an early prototype of an ____aircraft missile but was replaced within a year due to repeated malfunction.
5. The meat was superb but the pasta was completely ____cooked and tasted like wet cardboard.
6. The bar was closed down for having sold alcoholic drinks to ____age customers.
7. I am not a socialist now. I would describe myself as an ____communist but I have changed my opinions on many matters.
8. Many Hollywood celebrities now sign ____nuptial agreements to prevent financial disputes if things go wrong.
9. I used to work for a large ____profit organisation that worked in the Third World to improve education provision.

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