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Intermediate Verbs Gap Fill Worksheet


Choose from this list of verbs to complete the sentences. One verb is used TWICE.

escape - save - beat - lift - swim - find - hear

  1. We so wanted to go on that vacation but weren't able to ______ enough to afford it.
  2. They played hide and seek in the garden and nobody managed to ______ Toby because he'd gone home!
  3. Are you able to ______ yourself up from the bath without any help?
  4. I managed to ______ all the files before the computer stopped working.
  5. Despite the fire, everyone was able to ______.
  6. I could ______ when I was that young, but I couldn't read or write until I was four.
  7. I couldn't ______ you at tennis even if you played with one hand!
  8. Speak up, Tim. I can't ______ you from back here. Premium

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