Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Completion of common words with suffixes such as -ful, -less, etc.

Suffixes Gap Fill Worksheet



1. Your brother was very coward____. He ran away immediately.

2. That snake looks dangerous, but it's totally harm____. Don't worry!

3. To work as an acrobat in the circus, you have to be very flex____.

4. Oh, look at those ador____ puppies. Can I have one?

5. He's always running about, very athlet____. He'll be in the Olympics one day.

6. What a beauti____ painting. Do you know who painted it?

7. We need a full and truth____ account of what happened, Jennifer. Tell us everything.

8. These animals sleep during the day and are then act____ during the night.

9. It must be very lone____ living on this mountain without any neighbors.

10. Betty is a very creat____ little girl, always painting or drawing or something like that. Premium

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