Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Completion of common words with suffixes such as -ful, -less, etc.

Suffixes Gap Fill Worksheet



1. Your brother was very cowardLY. He ran away immediately.

2. That snake looks dangerous, but it's totally harmLESS. Don't worry!

3. To work as an acrobat in the circus, you have to be very flexIBLE.

4. Oh, look at those adorABLE puppies. Can I have one?

5. He's always running about, very athletIC. He'll be in the Olympics one day.

6. What a beautiFUL painting. Do you know who painted it?

7. We need a full and truthFUL account of what happened, Jennifer. Tell us everything.

8. These animals sleep during the day and are then actIVE during the night.

9. It must be very loneLY living on this mountain without any neighbors.

10. Betty is a very creatIVE little girl, always painting or drawing or something like that. Premium

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