Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> Students find errors of spelling in these sentences.

Spelling Error Correction Worksheet


Look at these sentences. Which ones contain spelling mistakes? Correct those that are wrong.

1. The weather during our vacation was perfect, but the accommodation at the hotel was awful.

2. I was embarrassed when John gave me that Christmas present. I didn't get him anything!

3. My keyboard doesn't have the little symbol for copyright. What can I do?

4. Are you definitely coming to the dinner tomorrow night?

5. The concert was canceled (UK spelling with double L) and Mark was very disappointed.

6. I enjoy doing listening and speaking in my English class, but I find the grammar very boring.

7. July 4 is a national holiday in the USA. It was the date of US independence in 1776.

8. The storm lasted all night with thunder and lightning. Three trees were blown over in the park. Premium

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