Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> Worksheet containing errors in the use of "so" and "such".

So/Such Error Correction Worksheet


Are "so" and "such" being used correctly in these sentences? Correct those that you think are wrong.

1. Billy found $50 one day, but then lost $100 the next. "So is life!" he said.

2. I've never been to so bad a restaurant.

3. I was so sad when I saw that movie that I couldn't speak.

4. Such stories make me believe there is true love in the world.

5. We parked the car such far away. Let's start walking.

6. Your daughter is so pretty, Mike. You must be a proud father.

7. Such intelligence in a boy who is very young!

8. I'm just such relieved to get home. That rain was terrible! Premium

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