Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students put the words in the right order to make second conditional sentences.

Second Conditional Re-Ordering


Re-order these words to make Second Conditional sentences. Each sentence begins with the word "if". Remember the punctuation!

  1. If I had more time, I would study French.
  2. If your mother saw some cheap shoes, she would buy them.
  3. If the police knew where the murderer was hiding, they would arrest him.
  4. If it rained for three days, the valley would be flooded.
  5. If you were less lazy, you would earn more money!
  6. If my dog was able to learn some tricks, he could go on TV!
  7. If the TV broke, my father would go crazy.
  8. If Jane and her sister didn't come to the party, Jeff would be very angry. Premium

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