Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students find the extra word in these Second Conditional sentences.

Second Conditional Extra or Mis-Spelt Word


Read these Second Conditional sentences. Each sentence has ONE word that is either EXTRA or MIS-SPELT. Find that word.

  1. If he were to younger, he could walk faster.
  2. We could go to the beech if the weather were nicer.
  3. If your sister was an animal, what animal would she could be?
  4. If we could listen to a chimpanzee speak, we could learn a lot of.
  5. You would look completely different if you cut your hare short.
  6. If you would caught a virus, you'd have to go to the hospital.
  7. My grandfather would be old 100 today if he were still alive.
  8. If I lived in a lifely city, like New York, I would go out every night! Premium

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