Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students choose either 'say', 'ask' or 'tell' to complete each sentence.

Say, Ask & Tell Gap Fill Worksheet


Fill each blank with the correct form of ask, say or tell.

1. The captain ________ that the ship would sail early in the morning.

2. When we arrived at the airport, the official ________ to see our passports.

3. He ________ me that he was going to bed early.

4. I will ________ you a story.

5. My friend called up last night and ________ me if I was feeling better.

6. The plumber ________ that he had forgotten some of his tools.

7. You better slow down now because that sign ________ there's road construction up ahead.

8. The children were learning to ________ time.

9. Please ________ me what you are worried about.

10. The weather forecasters are all ________ that it's going to rain tomorrow. Premium

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