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Subject/Object Pronoun Worksheet


Which of the two possible pronouns is correct in each sentence?

1. He's a much better dancer than I/me. (both, depending on using "than" as conjunction or preposition. "me" is more common)

2. It was Alice and him who told the police about the robbery.

3. Max and me/I would rather go to the French restaurant instead of the Italian one. (I, formal/correct, me, informal)

4. It's me you need to speak to if you have any questions.

5. It's I/me who let the cat out. (should be I as it's subject, but "me" more common in informal spoken English)

6. Everyone except us understood what she was talking about.

7. Can you speak English as well as they can?

8. Marianna wasn't at the party last night, was she? Premium

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