Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Practice of present perfect continuous, matching reasons and consequences.

Present Perfect Continuous - Consequences


Link the numbered sentences describing the present consequences with the lettered sentences which describe the reasons.

  1. He's been fighting with the cat again.
  2. She's been sunbathing.
  3. It's been raining heavily all morning.
  4. She's been sleeping in the armchair.
  5. She's been reading all afternoon.
  6. He's been lifting heavy boxes in the attic.
  7. He's been shopping in the new shopping mall.
  8. He's been playing with the children in the garden.

1. Her skin's very red. __B__

2. Her eyes look tired. __E__

3. His clothes are all muddy. __H__

4. His back is hurting a lot. __F__

5. His wallet is empty! __G__

6. The dog's paw is bleeding. __A__

7. There are large pools of water all over the garden. __C__

8. Her hair is very messy! __D__ Premium

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