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Past Perfect Gap Fill Worksheet


Fill in the correct form of the verb for each sentence. You will need to use auxiliary verbs.

1. When I got home, the neighbor said that my dog ______________ (bark) for an hour.

2. I ______________ (sit) on my front porch when I saw the eagle.

3. When I called up, he told me that he ______________ (eat) lunch an hour ago.

4. When I woke up, it ______________ (snow) for several hours, and it was still coming down.

5. The people sitting behind us ______________ (talk) through the whole movie.

6. When I got home, the children said they ______________ (do) their homework all evening and now they were done.

7. I was going to help my brother fix his car, but when I called him he told me he ______________ (already fix) it.

8. The driver ______________ (text) when she hit the pedestrian.

9. By the time I was ten, I ______________ (live) in three different states.

10. By the time we reached our destination, we ______________ (drive) for eight hours straight. Premium

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