Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Students select from a list of medical specialists to complete each sentence.

Medical Specialists Gap Fill Worksheet


Do you know these words for medical specialists ? Choose the best one for each sentence.

chiropractor   dermatologist   gynecologist   ophthalmologist   optometrist   orthodontist   otologist   pediatrician   podiatrist   psychiatrist

1. The ________ gave me some pills to stop this constant ringing in my ears.

2. We need to take our daughter to the ________ to get braces on her teeth.

3. Sarah is going to the ________ to get a prescription for new glasses.

4. My grandfather says everything looks blurry, so he is going to the ________ to get his eyes checked.

5. My wife is seeing a(n) ________ because we're expecting a baby.

6. I keep on hearing imaginary voices. Do you think I should go to a(n) ________?

7. I had a terrible backache, but the ________ was able to help me.

8. If that itchy rash doesn't go away, you should go to a(n) ________.

9. Our ________ recommended that little Johnny should have his tonsils out.

10. The ________ was able to help my friend with his foot problems. Premium

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