Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students re-order words to make correct sentences with 'make', 'let' and 'allow'.

Make, Let & Allow Re-Ordering


Put these words into the correct order to make sentences with "make", "let" or "allow".

  1. You're not allowed to go into the kitchen with those muddy boots.
  2. My English teacher made me stay behind for an hour.
  3. The police had to let the thief go because there was no evidence.
  4. I'll make you stay in your room until you finish your homework.
  5. The child was made to sit in the chair by her mother.
  6. Don't let the milk boil over.
  7. Let me call John as he's more likely to agree with me.
  8. This new computer lets me do so much more than my old one. Premium

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