Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> Students decide if these sentences using 'make', 'let' and 'allow' are correct or not.

Make, Let, Allow Error Correction


Look at these sentences using Make, Let and Allow. Are they Correct or Wrong?

  1. They didn't allow anyone to leave the room for an hour.
  2. Don't let me to watch TV too long. I have to study for tomorrow's test.
  3. They were promised large discounts on their next purchases.
  4. We're not allowing photos taken in this museum. Sorry.
  5. We were finally let go at 7pm when the police said the area was safe.
  6. You should use persuasion without making someone to do something.
  7. I made him promise me that he wouldn't tell my mother.
  8. Jenny and her brother will be made watch the documentary again. Premium

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