Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Error correction worksheet practicing use of infinitive or gerund verb forms.

Infinitive or Gerund Error Correction Worksheet


Look at these sentences from a letter written by an English student. She makes some mistakes in her use of infinitive/gerund. Where are they?

1. I'm bored to study grammar all the time. I want to listen to songs!

2. I used to write e-mails in English a lot, but I don't recently.

3. Last year, I chose writing a composition on Jane Austen, my favorite author.

4. Listening in English is really difficult for me. I need concentrating so much!

5. The teacher told me off last week because I stopped working in class to send a text message.

6. We have a big exam next month and I really need to study hard for it.

7. I'm frightened of failing - then I'll have to repeat the exam next year.

8. So excuse me, I'm going to revise my vocabulary lists and begin doing some listening practice. Premium

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