Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Practice of the difference between confusing adjectives/adverbs such as 'hard/hardly', 'fast' and 'late/lately'.

Confusing Adverbs and Adjectives Worksheet


Choose one of the adverbs or adjectives from the box to complete each sentence. You will need ONE of the words two times.

late      fast      hardly      hard      well      good      lately

1. Your son drives that car too _________. It's dangerous!

2. That soup smells really _________. What did you put in it?

3. I'm doing the French course because I'm going to Paris next year and I don't speak French very _________.

4. If you study _________, you won't have any problems with your exam.

5. I went to the doctor because _________, I've been having a lot of headaches.

6. Don't come back _________ tonight - you must be in the house before eleven!

7. Speak up, I can _________ hear you! What?

8. You have to pay $10 for a simple translation, but $25 if you want a _________ service. Premium

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