Intermediate Level >> Conversation Materials/Surveys/Pairwork Activities >> Practice of polite requests and offers. Cut and copy these cards and divide among your students. Students circulate around class reading what is on their card to other students who have to respond appropriately using 'would you mind' or 'shall I'.

Would you mind...? Shall I...?


These bags are so heavy! I'm going to the shops now. The dog looks very hungry I think.
I'm cold! I'm hot! I love this music.
Your bag looks very heavy. I think I'll see what's on the other channel. Oh no! You've smashed mum's favourite vase!!
You look very hot You look very cold You don't have any sugar in the cupboard.
Someone told me you wanted some money. I'm so poor this week I don't have my telephone card on me.
This is such a boring film Can you reach the salt? That homework looks really difficult!!
Your baby is crying This is such an interesting book! Thanks for this present! Oh, I already have this CD! Premium

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