Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Focus in this worksheet is on the use of the infinitive or gerund in different verb patterns.

Work, To Work, Working


For each question, choose either "work", "to work" or "working" to fill each space.

1. When I finish university, I want _________________ in Europe for six months.

2. I don't think children under 16 should _________________.

3. My sister decided to take a job in the summer _________________ in the local cinema to earn some extra money.

4. Would you like _________________ on your own or as part of a team?

5. _________________ late at night always reminds me of when I was at university.

6. After _________________ all day long, I like to come home and have a long hot bath.

7. It's difficult _________________ in an office, especially if it's too hot and the windows are never open.

8. I can _________________ on this project alone if you give me some initial guidance.

9. My boss is a monster! He made me _________________ till 8pm on Friday evening.

10. I enjoy _________________ but I prefer not to overdo it.

11. I would _________________ in computer programming for nothing. I love it!

12. Seeing as you have missed the last two weeks because of illness, you should offer _________________ over this weekend at home. Premium

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