Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> What did we used to do before the television was invented? Students put the activities together and discuss further possibilities.

What We Used To Do...


  1. People _____used to walk more_______ before the car was invented.
  2. People _____used to use candles or burning torches_______ before the electric light was invented.
  3. People _____used to talk together as a family_______ before the television was invented.
  4. People ____used to be better at mental arithmetic________ before the calculator was invented.
  5. People _____used to exchange goods_______ before money was invented.
  6. People _____used to pay a lot for books_______ before the printing press was invented.
  7. People _____used to fight battles face to face_______ before the gun was invented.
  8. People ______used to use a computer keyboard more______ before the mouse was invented.
  9. People _____used to have untidy hair_______ before the mirror was invented.
  10. People _____used to read more encyclopaedias_______ before the internet was invented. Premium

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