Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> What did we used to do before the television was invented? Students put the activities together and discuss further possibilities.

What We Used To Do...


Put these phrases into the sentences below:

used to pay a lot for books used to be better at mental arithmetic
used to walk more used to use candles or burning torches
used to have untidy hair used to exchange goods
used to fight battles face to face used to talk together as a family
used to use a computer keyboard more used to read more encyclopaedias
  1. People ____________ before the car was invented.
  2. People ____________ before the electric light was invented.
  3. People ____________ before the television was invented.
  4. People ____________ before the calculator was invented.
  5. People ____________ before money was invented.
  6. People ____________ before the printing press was invented.
  7. People ____________ before the gun was invented.
  8. People ____________ before the mouse was invented.
  9. People ____________ before the mirror was invented.
  10. People ____________ before the internet was invented.

What other differences were there before our most important inventions? Premium

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