Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> This worksheet tackles a confusing difference in English when talking about past habits and routines - the difference between "used to" and "would".

"Used To" or "Would"?


We use "used to" to talk about past habitual actions and states:
I used to live in this area when I was a child.
They used to dance at that ballroom every Sunday afternoon.

We use "would", however, to talk only about past habitual actions. It's not possible to talk about past states:
I would live in this area when I was a child.
They would dance at that ballroom every Sunday afternoon.

For each of the following sentences, choose either "used to" or "would". If both are possible, use "would".

1. Do you remember how your Uncle David __________ sit in that chair and smoke those disgusting cigars?

2. Your mother __________ have a Yorkshire Terrier when she was a young girl, didn't she?

3. For years, they __________ go on holiday to the Rockies, but then it became very fashionable and, hence, expensive.

4. Years ago, I __________ write a diary every day but then I got bored with doing it and I stopped. Maybe it was my life that was boring!

5. At the start of their marriage, they __________ be very happy - but then it all went wrong!

6. You __________ spell so well. Whatever happened?

7. When I was five, I __________ be able to do incredible gymnastics. Now I can't even touch my toes.

8. Before getting my driving licence, I __________ ride a bicycle everywhere. Premium

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