Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> A whole array of prepositional phrases in this worksheet: good at, instead of, rather than, as much as, etc.

Preposition Gap Fill


For each sentence, write in a preposition.

1. When I was younger, I was always so afraid __________ going to the dentist's.

2. Your mother is looking forward __________ going on that trip to Australia, isn't she?

3. The police were not convinced __________ the man's honesty and charged him.

4. I would rather go to the disco __________ stay here at home.

5. I'm not surprised he took that job. He has always been so keen __________ computers.

6. But I am surprised __________ how much money they want to pay him!

7. Mary isn't quite ready yet. She is in the kitchen looking __________ her car keys.

8. Instead __________ sitting here complaining __________ having nothing to do, go and do something constructive!

9. I don't have as much confidence in myself __________ you seem to.

10. Are you really happy __________ the life you have here in San Francisco, Jane?

11. In some Mediterranean cultures, respect __________ your elders is the most important part of family life.

12. Tell me __________ the new job you started today.

13. I'm very interested __________ wildlife documentaries on TV.

14. Do you always travel about the town __________ car? Premium

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