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Using a poem to show pupils how easy it is to learn English!


I first used this idea after reading "Grammar Games" by Mario Rinvolucri (Pilgrims). It works!

Next day a quick check should show that they all know the poem by heart, and will even have remembered new vocabulary from it, without any need to formally learn it. You can then ask them to repeat the poem at irregular intervals over the next few months. I have ex-pupils who have forgotten everything I taught them except the poems we learned like this!

A good example of a poem you could use:

M1 Way of Death - Spike Milligan

Bloody, battered, tattered thing, which is body, which is wing?
What kind of bird? It's hard to say
As you lie squashed on a motorway.
But the marks in your blood are sharp and clear:
A Firestone Safety Tyre has just been here. Premium

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