Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Worksheet to practice reflexive pronouns in English such as myself, yourself, himself, ourselves, themselves, etc.

Myself, Yourself


Look at this list of English reflexive pronouns. Choose one to fill each space below.


1. They found a last minute flight to Florida for almost nothing. They are very happy with _________________.

2. I _________________ don't like the programme, but the rest of the family love it.

3. Don't go to that pub by _________________. Take someone else.

4. I can't do this job by _________________. I need someone to help me a bit.

5. Harry cut _________________ while peeling an apple this afternoon.

6. There is something really wrong with my computer. Today, it turned _________________ off while I was working. It quite scared me actually!

7. We really enjoyed _________________ at the party last night. We thought it was going to be boring.

8. They are both selfish people. They do everything to please _________________ and don't care about anyone else.

9. After the accident, we blamed _________________ at first until we discovered that the other driver was drunk at the time.

10. I tell Leah to wear protection every time she plays hockey but she refuses to listen to me. She will hurt _________________ one day. Premium

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