Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> The difference between 'must' and 'have to' used in affirmative sentences is a fine one indeed. If you really want to get involved with such delicate differences, this worksheet will help you help your students.

'must' and 'have to' Differences


For each space, choose which is better - must or have to.

1. Professor Watkins told me today that I HAVE TO give in that assignment by Friday at the latest.

2. John! This is a one way street. You HAVE TO turn back and use Smith Street.

3. My back has been hurting for weeks. I MUST go to the doctor's.

4. My company said that if I want this promotion, I HAVE TO go to the doctor's for a thorough medical check-up first.

5. I went to see "Alien 9" at the cinema last night. What a great film! You MUST go and see it!

6. Jane. Thanks for everything. It was a great party. I MUST go now. I am really tired.

7. Jane. Thanks for everything. It was a great party. I HAVE TO go now. My husband is waiting for me outside.

8. I am taking out a bank loan this month. I HAVE TO pay a lot of taxes all together.

9. Hey, you boys!! You are not supposed to be in this room. You MUST leave now!!

10. The local council is really strict about protecting that piece of lawn! You HAVE TO walk around it! Premium

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