Intermediate Level >> Vocabulary Worksheets >> Worksheet to practice vocabulary connected to money and financial situations.

Money, Money, Money


1. How old are you when you begin to receive a pension? 60 or 65 normally.

2. How often do you get pocket-money/your allowance? Usually every week - money given to children by their parents.

3. Who might get a scholarship? Students

4. How much do you leave as a tip when you eat out? Depends on each country. Minimum is usually 5-10%.

5. When did you last have to pay a fine?

6. Are you always brave enough to ask for a refund?

7. How many different ways are there to pay for buying something? Suggestions - cash, cheque, credit card, debit card, exchange of goods, services provided, travellers' cheques

8. What's the difference between gross salary and net salary? Gross is before tax, net is after tax.

9. What do you use to pay for a house? A mortgage.

10. Why would you pay rent? For a house, apartment, land.

How would you feel in the following situations?

Happy? Sad? Angry?

  1. You get a letter off the bank manager saying you were overdrawn? Sad.
  2. You were totally broke? Sad.
  3. Someone wanted to pay you next to nothing for your car? Angry/Sad - depends on the condition of the car!
  4. You needed to go to a pawn shop? Sad.
  5. You found a good bargain at the local book store? Happy.
  6. You lost a bundle and found small change? Angry or Sad.
  7. You were hard up? Sad.
  8. Your local restaurant overcharged you? Angry.
  9. You couldn't get by on your salary? Angry.
  10. You were given a pay rise by your boss? Happy. Premium

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