Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Focus here is on present modals of deduction like "he must be" and "he can't be".

Modals of Deduction Worksheet.


For each sentence, choose between can't, might or must to fill each space.

1. Your mother __________ be a great cook. You are always so keen to get back home to eat!

2. I don't know why I am so tired these days. I __________ be working too hard. Or maybe I am not sleeping too well.

3. Do you know where Carl is? He __________ be out - his car keys are on the table.

4. You seem to know everything about the theatre. You __________ go every week.

5. To give the promotion to Harold was silly. He __________ know much about this company after only a year working here.

6. Go and look in the kitchen for your gloves. They __________ be in there.

7. Oh, the phone is ringing. Answer it. It __________ be Kate. She always rings at this time.

8. Dan has been drinking that whiskey since early this afternoon. He __________ be totally drunk by now.

9. That couple __________ think much of this film. They're leaving already - after only 20 minutes!

10. That's the second new car they have bought this year. They __________ be very rich! Premium

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