Intermediate Level >> Conversation Materials/Surveys/Pairwork Activities >> At this level, it is a good idea to review something like this is a more 'passive' this is a 'learn by doing' where students go around the class asking different 'make' and 'do' questions. If there are any problems, the teacher focus on the different usage if necessary.

Make or Do Survey


Go around the class and find someone who...

Write the name of the student below.
Does very well in English tests

Makes a habit of watching terrible programmes on TV they are not interested in

Does crosswords in newspapers

Does people favours a lot

Makes a complaint if they are not happy with their meal in a restaurant

Makes their bed as soon as they get up

Does something very interesting for a living

Does gardening on a Sunday

Makes too many mistakes when writing English

Makes a lot of money

Makes a really nice chocolate cake

Does all the housework at home

Does most of the family shopping Premium

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