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Internet Vocabulary Worksheet


1. Did you see that _____________ on the CNN site yesterday. It was for a children's charity and looked interesting so I clicked on it.

2. I don't like visiting sites where there are too many _____________. It takes me so long to close them all!!

3. Many people _____________ songs off the internet and listen to them on their computers.

4. "Is the _____________ of the BBC or" "The second one I think."

5. My computer is working perfectly but my _____________ is broken so I can't access the internet at all.

6. I found a great site about butterflies yesterday but now I can't find it again. I went to one of the main _____________ and typed in the _____________ "amazon butterflies" but I don't remember which one it was.

7. Sometimes if you look at a website with Internet Explorer and then open up a different _____________, the site will look very different.

8. This photo is taking too long to load, it is over 800 _____________. I think I will see it when I have more time.

9. I like that website but now they want everyone to pay a _____________ of $20 a month so I will go and find a free site elsewhere.

10. We found a great internet _____________ yesterday that I'd never seen before. You can have an e-mail account, get news about your favourite sport and even use their chat rooms. And it has a search function too.

11. Amazon uses _____________ a lot which means they can give you a personal welcome back message every time you visit their site. Premium

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