Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Worksheet to practice the structure "in case", in direct comparison with "if".

"In Case"


Look at the following sentences and fill the spaces with either "if" or "in case".

  1. You should bring your umbrella __IN CASE__ it rains.
  2. I asked Bill for his e-mail address __IN CASE__ I needed to contact him.
  3. __IF__ you get a headache, take an aspirin.
  4. __IF_ your boss shouts at you - shout back!!
  5. I took four books with me when I went travelling __IN CASE__ I got bored, but I never read a page!
  6. Take the front door key __IN CASE__ we are not up when you return.
  7. I turned off my mobile phone during the concert __IN CASE__ it rang. It would've been so embarrassing.
  8. You can ask your father to take you to college __IF__ you oversleep tomorrow morning.
  9. __IN CASE__ you run out of money on your travels, bring a credit card.
  10. Ask for Bryan Adam's autograph __IF__ you see him backstage after the concert. Premium

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