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I Love Shopping


I love __GOING__ (go) shopping. My husband __THINKS__ (think) I am crazy because I go shopping every day. I __HAVE BEEN__ (be) like this since I was 10 years old. When my mother __TOOK__ (take) me to buy new clothes, I loved __STAYING__ (stay) in the shops for hours and hours. We were quite a poor family so I used to __LOOK__ (look) at everything without __BUYING__ (buy) and that is what I still do now. I look. I touch. I feel, but I rarely __BUY__ (buy) a single thing. After I __HAD BEEN__ (be) shopping with my mother, I always __FELT__ (feel) very happy.

My favourite shops __TO VISIT__ (visit) now are supermarkets. I would like __TO OWN__ (own) a supermarket I think! If I __HAD__ (have) my own supermarket, I __WOULD SPEND__ (spend) all day there and be the happiest person alive. So why _DO I LIKE__ (I like) supermarkets so much? Well, I love food and I especially love __TRYING__ (try) different foreign foods. When I am I a supermarket, I can __SEE__ (see) together all different types of's like __BEING__ (be) in a street market but with the advantage of __BEING ABLE TO__ (can) listen to the wonderful music they __PLAY__ (play).

That is the other thing I love about __BEING__ (be) in shops...the music. In my house, I can't stop __LISTENING__ (listen) to a CD my daughter __BOUGHT__ (buy) for me for Christmas called 'Best of Supermarket Super 40'. Since I was young, I __HAVE NEVER LIKED__ (never like) rock music or classical music, only shopping music. I enjoy __RELAXING__ (relax) by __LISTENING__ (listen) to that music when I __WORK/AM WORKING__ (work) in the house. I am such a happy woman. __GOING__ (go) shopping is my life. Premium

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