Intermediate Level >> Miscellaneous Materials >> Fun speaking activity in which students attempt to slip, unnoticed into their conversations, pre-selected sentences. Can be used to target specific structures and their uses.

Guess the Sentence.


This is a pleasant speaking activity which requires speed of thought.

The environment My weekend Going shopping
Favourite sports Public Transport in this city My English class
My plans for tonight Australia The polar bear
The Americans are the worst. Everyone should drive more. I hate using a bicycle.
The Chinese invented that. How many do you need though? It seems too big and too expensive.
Have you seen the price of cheese? That is what I heard once. Don't believe everything you read.
Would you like to kiss him? I'll buy one in the future. It isn't completely white, you know.
They always go too fast. I find the cinema so boring. But is your mother fat?

The two students must then have a brief conversation about the pre-chosen subject and each must try and slip into the conversation his/her chosen sentence.

If s/he succeeds in doing so without the opposing team noticing, they get a point. The opposing team can challenge up to two times during the conversation.

Important: if one of the students gets their chosen sentence into the conversation without being challenged, s/he must then continue with the conversation as normal to allow the other student equal opportunity. Premium

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