Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> Similar to the usual grammar auction activities, this time for a general review of the level 3 syllabus.

Level 3 Review


1. My uncle goes often to the hospital.

2. I've been reading more than sixty pages today.

3. They were looking at each other in the mirror.

4. We don't like swimming in the winter.

5. Have you already been to see that film.

6. You can swim Jane, aren't you?

7. Now I used to go to school every day.

8. I couldn't find a hotel so I slept by the river.

9. When have you been to America the last time?

10. If I won the lottery, I will go to India?

11. How about to go to see Bob Dylan tonight?

12. Rich people don't have to work so often.

13. After I had seen him, I left straight away.

14. My father who lives in Rome smokes pot.

15. He can't have passed the exam. He didn't study.

16. Pisa isn't as big like Rome.

17. He asked me what my opinion of Viagra was.

18. The hospital will be opening by the Queen.

19. However it was raining, we went to have a big picnic in the park.

20. I think you shouldn't go to work today if you have a headache. Premium

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