Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Students choose the best form, either first conditional or second conditional, for each sentence.

Conditional Worksheet


Put the verbs in the spaces. Are they zero, first or second conditionals?

Here are the most likely, natural sounding answers, although some could be different.

1. If I __GET__ (get) home too late tonight, I __WON'T EAT__ (not eat).

2. If they __EARN__ (earn) enough money, they _'LL GO__ (go) to France for their holiday this summer.

3. If John __COULD__ (can run) 100 metres in 10 seconds, he __WOULD BE__ (be) an athlete.

4. If Simon __CATCHES__ (catch) a fish today, we __'LL EAT__ (eat) it.

5. If you __WENT__ (go) to the moon, you __WOULD BE__ (be) 400,000 km from the Earth.

6. She __WOULD BUY__ (buy) a Porsche if she __WON__ (win) the lottery.

7. If you __PUT___ (put) salt in hot water, it __DISSOLVES__ (dissolves).

8. If it __RAINED__ (rain) in the Sahara desert, everyone __WOULD BE__ (be) very surprised.

9. If you __JUMPED__ (jump) off a tall building without a parachute, it __WOULD HURT__ (hurt).

10. If it __RAINS__ (rain) tonight, we __CAN GO__ (can go) to the cinema.

11. She __'D PASS__ (pass) her exam if she __STUDIED__ (study) more!

12. If your dog __SPOKE__ (speak), you __COULD SELL__ (can sell) it to the circus.

13. If you __PUT__ (put) pizza in the oven for 3 hours, it __BURNS__ (burn).

14. If we __PLAY__ (play) football on Saturday afternoon, I __'LL BE__ (be) tired on Sunday.

15. You __'LL BECOME__ (become) fat if you __EAT__ (eat) too much.

16. If a UFO __LANDED__ (land) in the city centre tomorrow, there __WOULD BE__ (be) a big panic. Premium

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