Intermediate Level >> Conversation Materials/Surveys/Pairwork Activities >> A mingle activity where students try to find other students who answer 'yes' to the questions on their sheet. All questions here involve phrasal verbs.

Find Someone Who...


Write the name of a student who says 'yes' to these questions.

  Name of Student:

Gets up before 7 o'clock every day
Wants to give up smoking
Goes out every Friday evening
Puts on a costume for carnival/Halloween
Wants to take up a new sport
Wakes up often during the night
Often puts off doing important things
Goes over the lesson notes every day
Is looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend
Gets on with everyone in their family
Gets dressed after breakfast
Often throws out old clothes
Puts on make up every day
Wants to cut down on unhealthy food
Writes down all new vocabulary
Saw in the new millennium at home Premium

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