Intermediate Level >> Conversation Materials/Surveys/Pairwork Activities >> A mingle activity where students try to find other students who answer 'yes' to the questions on their sheet. All questions here involve the verb "get" which can cause a lot of problems for students.

Find Someone Who - Get


Write the name of the students who say "Yes" to the following questions.

  Name of Student:

Gets up before 7 o'clock every day
Doesn't get dressed in the bathroom or bedroom
Is worried about getting old
Got a magnificent present for their last birthday
Gets to the English lesson first
Would like to get married in Las Vegas
Thinks their English is getting better very quickly
Gets upset when watching a sad film
Gets about the town using a bicycle
Gets on with everyone in their family
Got to bed at about eleven o'clock last night
Gets confused in class sometimes
Gets ready quickly when going out
Gets completely lost when in a strange city
Is going to get top marks in their English test
Is going to get home late tonight Premium

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