Intermediate Level >> Error Correction Worksheets >> This error correction worksheet can be used as a easy start for your intermediate students. It is basically a review of the pre-intermediate syllabus.

Lesson One Easy Grammar


1. He has a shower now. Should be present continuous.

2. I can to speak English well. Without 'to' after 'can'.

3. Last year I have been to France. Definite past time, so past simple used.

4. Do you like football. No question mark!!!!

5. I am born in 1980. Must be in past 'was born'.

6. For the breakfast today, I had chicken. Without article for meals, so no 'the'.

7. Will you going to the party next week? No verb 'to be' used...'will you be going....'

8. I went to America 3 times. Indefinite past time, so present perfect 'I have been...'

9. 'How is your brother?' 'Very tall'. Answer should be something like 'he is fine'. Answer here is to question 'what is your brother like?'

10. I've been to Rome, Paris, London, Munich, stop. Should end saying something like 'and that's all'. Premium

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