Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Worksheet which gives practice of these expressions to make polite requests.

Could You - Could I


1. COULD YOU close your window please? It's very cold in here.

2. COULD YOU open the door for me please? I am carrying all these books.

3. Oh, Anna isn't at home! COULD I leave a message for her please?

4. Waiter! COULD I see the wine list now? Thank you.

5. Mary, I don't get my money till next week. COULD YOU lend me $20 till then?

6. I like this jacket a lot. COULD I try it on, please?

7. I didn't understand what you said to me. COULD YOU repeat it please?

8. Please COULD I borrow your car until tomorrow as mine is being repaired.

9. This case is very heavy! COULD YOU help me with it please?

10. Excuse me! Your music is on very loud. COULD YOU turn it down a little? Premium

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