Intermediate Level >> Grammar Worksheets >> Worksheet which gives practice of these expressions to make polite requests.

Could You - Could I


Fill in the space in each sentence using either "Could I" or "Could You".

1. ________________ close your window please? It's very cold in here.

2. ________________ open the door for me please? I am carrying all these books.

3. Oh, Anna isn't at home! ________________ leave a message for her please?

4. Waiter! ________________ see the wine list now? Thank you.

5. Mary, I don't get my money till next week. ________________ lend me $20 till then?

6. I like this jacket a lot. ________________ try it on, please?

7. I didn't understand what you said to me. ________________ repeat it please?

8. Please ________________ borrow your car until tomorrow as mine is being repaired.

9. This case is very heavy! ________________ help me with it please?

10. Excuse me! Your music is on very loud. ________________ turn it down a little? Premium

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